pimple Skin Pack

pimple Skin Pack

     Shrink and dry up pimple due to chronic sinusitis
     Balance the excess oil on the face
     Refine and brighten the skin and pimple scars
     Solve the problem of pimple in 2 weeks
     Different effects on each individual
     Repeated breeding control pimple

a) AC Soap (25gm)

b) ST Toner (15ml)

c) Herbal Cream (4gm)

d) Natural Sunblock SPF33 (10gm)

* For additional AC Prone get Lotion products, V-Gel or Herbal pimple Set

How to use> AC Soap Cut into 2 parts, Foam soap then wash face gently and rinse. Drop ST facial toner on cotton and send the directions on the surface of the face. Do not Pedap. Apply Herbal Cream at the edge and spread evenly across the face. Natural Sunblock SPF33 Apply and spread evenly to the edges.

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